We are in it to win it.


Whether you register and pay the fee or not you will be able to see the automatic earnings for signing up and attending webinars, watching the presentations, and sharing the information.

To continue earning and withdraw your income one must eventually become a cofounder. So why wait? Watch a presentation today and signup completely free: PRESENTATION LINK.

FREE REGISTRATION: https://bit.ly/ONPASSIVEFOUNDER ये सभी बातें उन लोगों के लिये है जो ₹9086/= देकर अपना रजिस्ट्रेशन करवाते हैं! और कुछ भी नहीं करते, अर्थात किसी के पास onpassive की चर्चा भी नहीं करते )

1️⃣ Launching के समय unicorn (1 billion) बनने वाली दुनियाँ की पहली company बन जायेगी l

2️⃣ अगर कोई अपनी mail id डालकर इसकी webinar attend करेगा तो onpassive उसका भी registration कर देगा और उसके wallet में income आयेगी l उस income को निकालने के लिये खुशी खुशी id active करवानी पड़ेगी l

3️⃣ Onpassive एक IT कंपनी है न कि MLM Company

4️⃣ हमारे ONPASSIVE WALLET में income आते ही हम एक second में उसे bank में transfer कर सकते है बिना किसी कटौती के!

5️⃣ कंपनी अंतिम level के हर founder member के down में हर महीने 3 id लगायेगी जिससे हर level के founder member का level हर महीने एक level बढ़ जायेगा l

6️⃣ अब तक 365,000 +🔥✈️💪💐🎯🎯 founder member बन चुके है! इसका अर्थ है, कि जिन लोगों की starting में id लगी थी, उनकी 3×10 की matrix भर चुकी है l

7️⃣ Company launching के समय हर founder member को bonus देगी चाहे वो एक दिन पहले ही founder member क्यों न बना हो l

8️⃣ अगर फेसबुक या गूगल ने आम आदमी को फाउंडर बनाया होता तो आज उनकी इनकम हर मंथ करोड़ों में होती? यही मौका अब आपको onpassive देने जा रहा है।


अगर आप founder member बन चुके हैं, तो अपनी किस्मत को सराहें! और नहीं बने हैं, तो तुरंत बनिये l

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Thanks to Ash, he had given this opportunity to share in #Mass-not-Class with just $97/-
Think what if he had offered the same opportunity with $9700? Definitely, it would be going only to the Class people, and again the rich get richer.

The reason that rich people understand the value of starting a business with $9700. They stay calm and politely they reap the fruits without noise in the market. They knew that big things take time. And perfect things takes some more time. Which the common man (97%) does not apply in his life. He starts shouting with the crowd and the crowd always goes in negative directions.
Salute to the only man (Ash Mufareh) on this earth who had seen this vision to make this 97% of people a class and celebrity people. He is working for that 97% and what he expects from this 97% is only the kind cooperation and support.
The Universe has had made us strong in 2020. He will make us happy in 2021… No doubt.
We are In it to Win it. It’s a Done Deal

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  • The best way is to use Global Payment Gateway options only (Preferred – Debit Card, Credit Card & Net Banking) Currently there is some issue with SBI Bank, so use other options.
  • Try to avoid Google-Pay, Phone Pay
  • Avoid the use of Crypto Currency for the I’d activation.

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