Join the biggest affiliate marketing platform in Africa. Sell courses to global audiences, 5000+ Affiliates. Learning & Making Money Online. Working Online & Working From Home.

I decided to make an exhaustive review of the digital and affiliate marketing platform because I believe that it presents a lot of opportunities for people… especially for those looking forward to making money online. 
The platform is for you to learn digital marketing skills and make money on the No.1 learning and affiliate platform. Work online & Work from home from anywhere across the globe.

The Affiliate Program is a great place to start your journey as a 7-figure affiliate and as a course instructor. 

It’s really a game-changer in the Affiliate Marketing Space in Africa because you learn from experts to become indispensable.

7 Figure Affiliate Training Bundle

Do you want to learn secrets to making money?

One Of Them Is The 21st Century Billion Dollar Business Model And How You Can Leverage It To Make Up To USD2000 Weekly Side Income.

Get the best out of your learnt skills to become a 7-figure Earner, making passive income online.

I have been able to make over a USD1000 in commissions in just 2 and a half weeks as an Affiliate after taking the  7-Figure Affiliate Course. Sounds crazy right!!! and too good to be true. Don’t Worry… “Know How Now

WhatsApp marketing complete bundle

WhatsApp has grown to become the number one closing platform for online sales because of the amazing tools and its organic reach strength.

Sam Asiwaju Harvard gives proven strategies and secrets he used in closing sales in 3 days of using this amazing tool called WhatsApp.

7 modules with a practical approach on how to leverage WhatsApp, in closing and making ground breaking sales over and over again.

Ultimate guide to anonymous selling

Selling other people Digital and Information Products has been the number one way to take your Financial Status to the Next level.

Let’s take Jeff Bezos CEO of Amazon as an Example, Worth 181.7 billion USD in 2020.

✅ How to Find the Right Audience for your Digital Product.

✅ How To Get Digital Products that Sell Faster.

✅ And How to Close Sales.

The Ultimate guide to affiliate marketing

This is a course for anyone wanting to succeed in affiliate marketing or selling online and for those wanting to make money online.

Make up to USD100 to USD500 or more daily without having any experience in digital marketing.

✅ Learn how to generate free traffic and paid traffic?

✅ How to run Ads on Facebook, Instagram & YouTube?

✅ 5 modules and a special bonus module

How to generate free traffic an paid traffic?

How to run sponsored Ads on Facebook, Instagram & YouTube?


The Affiliate Training Program is a great place to start your journey as a 7-figure affiliate. 

It’s really a game changer in the Affiliate Marketing Space in Africa because you learn from experts to become indispensable.

Info products are used by a whole lot of people to learn things online, People are now-a-days more tilted to buying your low-ticket digital/info product if you utilize the right marketing strategies.


One of the biggest mistakes new Network marketers make is looking at everyone as a potential customer or recruit.

Like any other business, you’re going to have greater success and efficiency if you identify your target market and focus your marketing efforts at them.

Be prepared to learn how to utilize proven marketing automation techniques to get the best of your SALES specialized business- directly from Sam Harvard.


The Presentation Hack Bundle shows you 8 steps to making over USD 5000/- with a 2 hours webinar

How you can copy the same in your next presentation?

Have people thank you for collecting their money?

It also teaches you how to command influence on a webinar.

Unleashing the techniques to make people pay for your info product or service without hesitation.

Look around the page and see the multiple ways you can get in touch. Leave a message on Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger, Chat support and one of my assistants will get back to you right away.

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